Sober Living Homes Near Philadelphia, PA and Trenton, NJ

Newfound Freedom Sober Livings and Addiction Recovery Homes continues reaching out to nearby areas like Trenton, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It’s painful to hear one news story after another about how the drug epidemic, particularly opiates and heroin, is infiltrating suburbia across our nation. It’s almost mind boggling how wholesome places like Trenton, NJ or Philadelphia, PA have drug addiction and overdose on the top of their list of concerns. Whether it’s a parent, child, relative, friend or coworker, we all know too many people who have been struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Some seek help, are committed to sobriety, or are in a drug rehab or sober living home, while many never get the help they truly need.

New Found Freedom is not just another sober living home in Pennsylvania. We have and continue to help people afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction create a better way of life. We tend to attract many residents from areas like Trenton, NJ and Philadelphia, PA, among a variety of others, because of our affordable yet effective recovery help for those with substance abuse issues. Think of NFF addiction recovery homes as a launching point for life long sobriety. Unfortunately there have been too many unscrupulous drug rehabs and sober living homes popping up every day with cookie cutter solutions and trying to capitalize on drug and alcohol addiction as a business, without regard for success in sobriety. Since our inception in 2003, your recovery is first and foremost as practiced and stated below:

  1. To provide an affordable alternative to residential treatment for those not requiring a high level of clinical care services
  2. To provide effectively structured sober living homes/aftercare support for men & women in which to continue strengthening their newly created foundations in sobriety
  3. To bring the joys and amazement of sobriety into the minds and hearts of our residents in ways they may never had imagined possible

Newfound Freedom offers a variety of sober living and addiction recovery homes throughout Bristol and Levittown, PA. Because sober livings are a transition from drug and alcohol addiction to building a new and better quality of life including work, relationships and social activities and support, we welcome residents throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Having friends and family to support your recovery in nearby areas like Trenton or Philadelphia makes an impact upon the success of your sobriety.

Our sober living homes are gender specific for men and women in recovery with a two phase approach. Phase 1 addiction recovery homes are intended to extend from day-one of sobriety through the 6-month mark. Phase 2 sober living homes are then offered for those seeking to move into a bit less structure, yet with some level of ongoing recovery support and community. Whether you live in or around Philadelphia or Trenton, we encourage you to reach out to New Found Freedom 7 days a week at (855) 587-2329 to find out how we can help you or your loved one transition from addiction to sobriety.

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