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"My name is Allison and I am a recovering alcoholic. I started my treatment July 11, 2006 and what a journey it has been. It wasn’t until I entered Newfound Freedom in August 2006 that I discovered my purpose. What I learned was that there was nothing short of a miracle. From life responsibilities to recovery responsibilities, the recovery house has taught me so much. When I first moved into the home (and that’s exactly what it is, a home) I finally learned what structure was. I didn’t know how badly I needed structure which is outlined in this program. The women I lived with taught me so many things other than just daily house work. I didn’t even know how to do my own laundry. These women showed me what it was like to have a true friendship with another woman, as well as practice patient and tolerance. These values I still carry with me today. It was there that I learned the importance of a sponsor, doing the 12 Steps, and how to help someone other than myself. I know that if there was no such program as Newfound Freedom, I would not be able to sit here today and tell you that I live an amazing life! I have true relief & freedom today! I recommend this program to those who are serious about changing every aspect of their lives, the way it changed mine. Today, I am employable, dependable and most of all, happy. Genuinely happy! I was never able to say that before."
Allison B.
Bristol, PA
"Before I arrived at New Found Freedom I was as far down on the scale of life as one could go. I was lonely, homeless, hopeless and depressed. My family wanted nothing to do with me and I wanted nothing to do with me. I tried everything I could think to escape the life I was living, every attempt failed miserably. A friend suggested I give New Found Freedom chance. I’ve never heard of recovery houses, sober house or even 12 step fellowships, so I was very skeptical and afraid. Once arriving at New Found Freedom I was welcomed by house full of smiling faces which was foreign to me at the time. I thought they were only being nice because they wanted something from me but, they wanted nothing from me all they wanted was to offer help and friendship to me. The staff was courteous and the structure was something I had missed for a long time. The entire community of NFF was like one big family who never gets mad at you and never turns their back on you. They taught me how to live happily in sobriety. They introduced me to a way of life I could have never imagined possible. They truly showed me that no matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others. I just celebrated 8 1/2 years of continuous sobriety. The wonderful things I have in my life are a direct result of me taking my friends suggestion moving into New Found Freedom and giving life another shot. I’m so glad that I did."
Chris N.
Levittown, PA
"I had suffered from active alcoholism for 9 years when I came to Newfound Freedom. I had come to think my case was hopeless. At Newfound Freedom I found hope and a group of people who are now my good friends and part of my extended family. Not only did they give me the kind of support I needed, they helped me to see through their own actions how I can be of support and help to others as well. This has been the key for me, learning from my peers in recovery, seeing through them that recovery is possible and learning to believe that there is Hope and a possibility for a new Way of Life. I came to Newfound Freedom from another country, Finland. I didn’t know anyone but I was welcomed like a long lost family member who came back home. Nowhere have I received such warmth, friendship and unconditional love than at Newfound Freedom. Now, at 18 months of sobriety, I highly recommend Newfound Freedom to everyone affected by alcohol and drug dependency."
Villie K.
Helsinki, Finland
"In September of 2009 as I left a recovery home in the area, I was faced with a decision to either move back with family or search for a sober living residence where I can continue working a program of recovery and stay close to the recovery community that I was so close to. That night, I made one of the best decisions of my life when I found a room that was available at New Found Freedom and agreed to move in the very same night. I was immediately in a position where I was sharing a home with other men in recovery with various years clean and sober with the same desire as myself to work a program of recovery. Although we had different schedules and responsibilities, we managed to help each other get to meetings, talk about recovery, have fun, and participate in recovery based events around the community. Living at NFF allowed me the opportunity to experience living with responsibilities that I was able to take with me when I moved on to live in my own apartment, as well as today. Over the year that I have lived at New Found Freedom there were always different events that brought all of the recovery houses and sober living houses together which allowed us to grow as a community and enrich our recovery. Today I have 5 years and 5 months clean and sober and my life is nothing that I imagined it would be when I surrendered myself to a program of recovery. There is truly so much freedom in recovery and I know what freedom is today. NFF will always be a part of my story for which my family and I will always be grateful."
Yuri M.
Costa Mesa, CA
"Homeless, wretched and downtrodden from my emotionally induced alcoholism, I hit my bottom the night I stopped digging. That very night almost 7 years ago, I landed in Newfound Freedom. I took commitments and was taken through the 12 steps. . I had complete trust in what they showed me. With this trust came complete freedom and with the freedom came my new love for life. Thank you NFF!"
Wayne S.
Newburyport, MA
"My name is Rob, and I am a recovered alcoholic. God separated me from alcohol and drugs on June 1, 2006, and it’s an honor and a privilege to share here about my experience with Newfound Freedom. When I hit my final bottom, I prayed for deliverance from my hellish existence, and through a miracle of divine grace and mercy, I ended up at Newfound Freeedom. When I arrived at NFF, I was a broken, empty, lost soul. I was drowning in darkness, fear, anger, and hopelessness, as a consequence of twenty years of alcohol and drug addiction. What I found at NFF was acceptance, love, and support. I was offered exactly what I desperately needed.. structure, guidance, and hope. The men and women I met there became my family and community, in the truest and deepest sense possible. I learned how to develop real friendships and have fun in recovery, while treating and recovering from this deadly disease. I learned how to be responsible, accountable, and dependable. NFF helped me build an inner foundation of honesty and integrity, and showed me that if I live a life grounded and centered on faith, work, unconditional love, and service to others.. that truly anything is possible. NFF helped me begin this new life I’m living today.. a life of immense joy, abiding peace, deep purpose, and true freedom of mind, body, and spirit.. and for that I am eternally grateful."
Rob C.
Honolulu, HI
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