Ringing in the New Year in the Spirit of Recovery

Let’s ring in the 2015 new year with the spirit of always doing more to help those still in the struggle of addiction and alcoholism

Many of us have experienced firsthand the pain and sorrow of living in active drug addiction and/or alcoholism. We know that pain all too well, all of us, and whether you found your way through treatment, rehab, sober living/recovery housing, going to 12-step meetings or whatever, the gift of sobriety seems much greater while we’re starring in the eyes of someone still struggling. You don’t always have to lose what you had in order to realize the value of what you have.

With the new year now upon us let’s all re-commit to doing more in the fight against substance abuse. Whether on a friendship or professional level, let’s continue to stand tall against the growing trends in addiction and its devastating effects. 

In doing our part here at Newfound Freedom, we will continue to strive to reach more people in every way possible. This means keeping our sober living homes and recovery residences as affordable as possible. It means that when someone new enters our doors we will do all we can to introduce them to the full set of sobriety tools being laid at their feet. And it means that as our network of recovery houses grows throughout the southeast Pennsylvania region, we will strive to always expand in areas that remain most conducive to those in early recovery.

We believe that opportunities are created through action. Sure, there’s always the occasional blessing or miracle that occurs by sheer chance, but at the end of the day its fair to say that good things happen when people prioritize integrity, patience and love. In that spirit, we would encourage all our friends in recovery, the new and the old, to remember the value in the adage of “actions speak louder than words” and “never forget where you came from.”

From the NFF sober living staff, we’d like to extend all the blessings for health, happiness, success and most importantly, sobriety, as we usher in the 2015 year. Let’s remain vigilant in all our efforts and unwavering in all our commitments!


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