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Locations - Newfound Freedom Sober Living Homes in Pennsylvania
Leading Pennsylvania In Sober Living Housing

Our Locations

Located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, throughout the towns of Bristol and Levittown, Newfound Freedom is comprised of a network of numerous male-only and female-only recovery residences.  Our phase 1 locations consist of highly structured addiction recovery homes that essentially offer a very affordable alternative to residential treatment.  Our phase 2 locations embody more of a sober living/transitional housing structure that is geared for those already having 6 months or more of clean/sober time.

Our network of homes are all within the vicinities of safe, family-oriented upscale communities  We believe strongly in the idea that those in early sobriety must surround themselves with elements that encourage a clean way of living, both inside and out. 

Among the many qualities and comforts offered at Newfound Freedom Recovery & Sober Living homes, a few to mention would be:

  • Clean, safe, family-oriented neighborhood communities
  • Cable TV with large flatscreens & wireless internet
  • Comfortable furnishings and well-kept interior/exterior
  • Onsite washers & dryers
  • Pools, backyards, bbq’s, social events, etc.
  • Close proximity to shopping, dining, job search possibilities, etc.
  • Close proximity to AA & NA meeting locations as well as public transportation
  • and much more…

Currently, we have several locations throughout Bristol and Levittown, PA. Listed below are some examples of our homes. Toggle “satellite” view to see the neighborhoods. Click on the “View larger map” button to expand to full view and drop the “person” icon on the location pin to enable “Street View.”

347 Washington St. • Bristol, PA

Men's Phase 2 Home

28 Inkberry Rd • Levittown, PA

Men's Phase 1 Home

272 Birch Dr. • Levittown, PA

Women's Phase 2 Home

377 Blue Ridge Dr. • Levittown, PA

Men's Phase 1 Home

147 Idlewild Rd. • Levittown, PA

Men's Phase 2 Home

11 River Ln. • Levittown, PA

Men's MAT Phase 1 Home

87 Appletree Dr. • Levittown, PA

Women's Phase 1 Home

5 Aster Ln. • Levittown, PA

Men's Phase 2 Home

706 Old Orchard Ln. • Bristol, PA

Men's Phase 2 Home

712 Old Orchard Ln. • Bristol, PA

Men's Phase 2 Home

We have many other homes in our network, both for men and women in recovery. Give us a call to discuss your needs. We are available 24/7.

Newfound Freedom, Inc. © 2020 All rights reserved. Website developed by DSB Design Agency.

Newfound Freedom, Inc. © 2020 All rights reserved. Website developed by DSB Design Agency.

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