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About Us - Newfound Freedom Sober Living Homes in Pennsylvania

Much More Than Sober Living Housing


Newfound Freedom Sober Living

Est. 2003

Newfound Freedom is wholly committed to helping men and women experience the gifts of sobriety by encouraging an integrative recovery process that positively affects all aspects of their lives. Our dedication to the recovery process entails providing highly respected and well structured sober living homes within an affordable pricing structure. This is who we are; this is what we do; this is how we do it... Welcome to Newfound Freedom!
  • To provide an affordable alternative to residential treatment for those not requiring a high level of clinical care services
  • To provide effectively structured sober living homes/aftercare support for men & women in which to continue strengthening their newly created foundations in sobriety
  • To bring the joys and amazement of sobriety into the minds and hearts of our residents in ways they may never had imagined possible
  • Random drug & alcohol testing
  • Daily and weekly recovery meeting requirments (AA, NA, etc.)
  • House chore and activity requirements
  • Weekly and weekend curfews
  • Sober social events
  • and much more…

Newfound Freedom, Inc. © 2020 All rights reserved. Website developed by DSB Design Agency.

Newfound Freedom, Inc. © 2020 All rights reserved. Website developed by DSB Design Agency.

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