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Established in 2003 and founded on principles of integrity and love for recovery, Newfound Freedom has continued to set new standards when it comes to recovery homes, sober living housing and aftercare support.  We know addiction and recovery from all sides and have seen what works and what doesn’t.  Thus, since day-one our mission has remained three-fold:

  1. To provide an affordable alternative to residential treatment for those not requiring a high level of clinical care services
  2. To provide effectively structured sober living homes/aftercare support for men & women in which to continue strengthening their newly created foundations in sobriety
  3. To bring the joys and amazement of sobriety into the minds and hearts of our residents in ways they may never had imagined possible

Newfound Freedom offers a variety of recovery locations throughout Bristol and Levittown, PA, each of which being designated as either a “Phase 1” or “Phase 2” residence.  Each location is gender-specific and is structured and designed to instill core recovery concepts into the individual’s daily living.  Phase 1 locations are intended to extend from day-one of sobriety through the 6-month mark.  Phase 2 locations are then offered for those seeking to move into a bit less structure, yet with some level of ongoing support and community.

The level of structure at Newfound Freedom is integrative and balances out the important of sobriety as it impacts other areas of living such as work, school, family, socializing and so on.  Some of the more prominent points of structure and standards consist of:

  • Random drug & alcohol testing
  • Daily and weekly recovery meeting requirments (AA, NA, etc.)
  • House chore and activity requirements
  • Weekly and weekend curfews
  • Sober social events
  • and much more…



Scott Fleming of Newfound Freedom Sober Living Recovery Homes in PennsylvaniaOur Founder & Executive Director

Meet Scott Fleming, founder and executive director at Newfound Freedom Recovery Homes.  Having personally battled and persevered through addiction and alcoholism earlier in life, Scott made the decision in 2003 to dedicate his personal and professional life toward helping others navigate through the dark world of chemical dependency in a way that was unfortunately not available to him during his own struggles.  The objective was to create an effective and proactive recovery environment that was able to essentially create new patterns for living and acting, while maintaining a level of affordability that nearly anyone could meet.

Today Newfound Freedom represents the lifeblood of Scott’s vision and has since become among Pennsylvania’s most highly regarded network of multi-phase addiction recovery residences & sober living homes..

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We invite you to contact our staff 7 days a week for more information at (855) 437-2329 or use our confidential online form.  We look forward to hearing from you…


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