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Recovery Resources - Newfound Freedom Sober Living Homes in Pennsylvania

Recovery Resources

Newfound Freedom has put together this list of recovery resources as a general guide for help.  The following list entails government run organizations as well as private and nonprofit services, all of which are in one way or another related to drug addiction, chemical dependency, alcoholism, mental health and recovery/treatment services.  Please keep in mind that Newfound Freedom Sober Living provides this list as a general quick resource guide, this is not intended to be an official endorsement for any or all of the sites/services listed.

Alumni Newsletter Archive

Take a look back at Newfound Freedom’s history and all of the community events participants have engaged in over the years, along with stories from alumni about life and recovery – inspiring the next generation of people ready to take the next step.

Newfound Freedom, Inc. © 2020 All rights reserved. Website developed by DSB Design Agency.

Newfound Freedom, Inc. © 2020 All rights reserved. Website developed by DSB Design Agency.

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