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Aftercare and support for sober living recovery house alumniNewfound Freedom believes strongly in the power of having an active alumni network!  We know through many years experience that the benefits of living in a halfway house or recovery home are far greater when you remain close to your “sober circle” over the long haul.  This means remaining in contact and fellow shipping with your sober brothers and sisters.

Since many Newfound Freedom residents come from outside the state of Pennsylvania, we felt it to be extremely important in creating a page dedicated to alumni across the nation.  Over time we intend to grow this page into a lively forum dedicated to encouraging discourse, announcements, celebrations, the latest happenings and so on.  For those living in and around our Bristol or Levittown, PA residences, you have the benefit of attending our weekly alumni meetings.  Those however, living outside of Pennsylvania and wanting to stay connected to the NFF crew, we encourage you to keep checking back and seeing what new and exciting stuff we’re adding on here…

As of February 2015, we’ll be starting to publish periodic newsletters that are sent to all current and past sober living residents of whom we have current contact information.  This also means we will be publishing the digital versions in PDF on this page.  If you happen to be an alumnus of NFF and would like to be on our email list, please click HERE and send us a note with your full name and email address.  We’d also love to know more about how you’re doing since leaving sober living and any exciting endeavors you have going on in your life…

Thank you for being a part of the Newfound Freedom Recovery Homes community!


NFF Publications:

The Freedom Flyer (Jan/Feb 2015) | HOT of the presses, see our first published issue of the 2015 year and read some amazing stories of hope, faith, courage and most of all, recovery!


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