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Welcome to The NFF Recovery Blog… - Newfound Freedom Sober Living Homes in Pennsylvania

Welcome to The NFF Recovery Blog…

Newfound Freedom Recovery Homes & Sober Living Residences of Pennsylvania is excited to introduce our new site and blog to the world…

As we excitingly launch our new website, Newfound Freedom Recovery Homes and Sober Living Residences invites our wonderful community of friends, alumni, loved ones and residents to share in the joys of partaking in community recovery.  As the state’s largest and most well regarded network of recovery residences for men & women – currently 15 gender-specific locations throughout Bristol and Levittown, PA as of Oct. 2014 – we take it upon ourselves to remain a leading voice in spreading the message of sobriety through the words and experiences of all those who care to join.

Over the coming weeks, months and years we intend to grow this forum into an awe-inspiring avenue filled with hope, joy, perseverance, recovery and an appreciation for our unique imperfections.  After all, how boring would life be if we were all perfect ?  Let’s have some fun and fellowship on this blog, while we work together toward a common goal of changing lives and rebuilding families, one addict & alcoholic at a time…

For all those who wish to contribute to our new recovery blog, we invite you to submit your contributing articles to  Please try to keep your article centered around topics including; drug addiction, alcoholism, sober living, recovery, treatment/rehab, stories of success in how you did it, etc.  You do not need to be a current or past resident of Newfound Freedom, all are welcome to contribute.  Likewise you do not need to be from or in the local Bristol or Levittown, Pennsylvania areas, all are welcome.

To speak with our staff please contact our main office 7 days a week at (855) 587-2329.

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Newfound Freedom, Inc. © 2020 All rights reserved. Website developed by DSB Design Agency.

Newfound Freedom, Inc. © 2020 All rights reserved. Website developed by DSB Design Agency.

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